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We actively test our products to determine several key areas of safety and performance.

1) An adult rides at full throttle on the minibike with training wheels attached over a 1/4 Mile dirt track to assess ride quality while load testing the axle and wheels by a factor of 4 to 1.

2) A young rider tests training wheels off a rocky hillside under the combined weight of rider & minibike to verify that mounting method used to attach the axle onto the minibike
remains secured & will in no way cause structural damage to supports & related components.

3) Testing training wheel at maximum speed through S bends to determine ideal axle length.

4) Shown is a 2-1/2 yr old is testing out steering effort and maneuver capability with training wheels embanked under a 30 degree incline (off horizontal plane)

5) Shown is a 4 yr old testing resistance to roll overs while riding off a 45 deg. berm.

6) Testing resistance to roll overs while riding through deep ruts.

7) 4 yr old testing ease of manueverability through deep sand.

8) Testing rigidity on a kiddie motocross track.

As you can clearly see, we test our products with kids of suitable age (2-1/2 - 6 years) on the minibike to assess the young rider's ability to maneuver the minibike with our attached training wheel. This ensures that our equipment aids and enhances - rather than impair and retard - the learning process according to the young child's strength and early years of cognitive control.

At the end of each test, we inspect all mountings and connections for looseness, deformity, bending, wear and tear.

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